Drug Delivery Strategies of Chemical CDK Inhibitors

Alvira D, Mondragón L

Methods Mol. Biol. 2015;1336:141-54


PMID: 26231714

The pharmacological use of new therapeutics is often limited by a safe and effective drug-delivery system. In this sense, new chemical CDK inhibitors are not an exception. Nanotechnology may be able to solve some of the main problems limiting cancer treatments such as more specific delivery of therapeutics and reduction of toxic secondary effects. It provides new delivery systems able to specifically target cancer cells and release the active molecules in a controlled fashion. Specifically, silica mesoporous supports (SMPS) have emerged as an alternative for more classical drug delivery systems based on polymers. In this chapter, we describe the synthesis of a SMPS containing the CDK inhibitor roscovitine as cargo molecule and the protocols for confirmation of the proper cargo release of the nanoparticles in cell culture employing cell viability, cellular internalization, and cell death induction studies.