No Parkin Zone: Mitophagy without Parkin

Villa E, Marchetti S, Ricci JE

Trends Cell Biol. 2018 Nov;28(11):882-895


PMID: 30115557

Mitochondria are essential highly dynamic organelles that provide the necessary energy for a variety of different processes, such as survival, proliferation, and migration. In order to maintain an intact mitochondrial network, cells have developed quality control systems that allow the removal of damaged or superfluous mitochondria by selective mitochondrial autophagy called mitophagy. Although the parkin/PINK1 axis is often considered the main regulator of mitophagy, a growing body of evidence has shown that this pathway is not unique and that mitophagy can still be functional in the absence of parkin. Here, we will review recent literature describing parkin-independent mitophagy and its role in various physiopathological conditions, therefore representing potential new targets to treat diseases affected by dysregulated mitophagy.