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“ Multiple levels of transcriptome regulation “

Thursday, April 2 at 4pm in Rampal amphitheater (main hall C3M)
16:00 – 17:00 “Studying the dynamics of RNA metabolism   through the profiling of total and nascent RNA.”   by Mattia Pelizzola from the Istituto Italiano di   Tecnologia Center for Genomic Science,   Milan, Italy

17:00 – 17:30 “Metabolic and functional diversity of   macrophages ” by Stoyan Ivanov from the C3M

from 17:30 lite bites and beer

Mattia Palizzola is the invited spekear ( url: )

His presentation will be about the abundance and responsiveness to modulations of premature and mature RNA species are set by the combined action of three key steps: premature RNA synthesis, processing of premature into mature RNA, and degradation of the latter. These steps are governed by corresponding kinetic rates, which collectively determine the RNA dynamics of transcripts. I will illustrate how RNA-seq data can be used for the genome-wide gene-level quantification of RNA dynamics, and how these data are advancing our understanding of the transcriptional programs driven by the MYC oncogene.


The c3m helps and supports the formation of students (scientist or medicine) by welcoming them in the center, for internship or thesis. Moreover, all the teams of the center are in collaboration with the University and the doctoral school of Nice. For these reasons the center decided to share knowledge et spread science by the organization of open seminars. To highlight the role of our students and prepared them to be independent researcher, the direction took the decision to let students organize these conferences by themselves.
Knowing how to communicate is one of the main core of a researcher, as well as, organization of seminars, and finding funding through sponsors or donators to invite speaker is one of the most important part. Through the organization of these seminars, students will face the main problems related to the planification of these events: Logistic, planification, funding. The goal of this event is also to prepare our students to be proactive not only in the lab, but also in the communication to share science with other scientists.
Donations will help C3M young researchers to :
– Invite speakers
– Organize the logistic
– Communicate
– Attribute Thesis Prize
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