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Primary Cilium in Cancer Hallmarks

Fabbri L, Bost F, Mazure NM Int J Mol Sci 2019 Mar;20(6) Abstract PMID: 30884815 The primary cilium is a solitary, nonmotile and transitoryRead More...
By : Fabbri L, Bost F, Mazure NM | Mar 16, 2019

Macrophage Origin, Metabolic Reprogramming and IL-1 Signaling: Promises and Pitfalls in Lung Cancer

Guilbaud E, Gautier EL, Yvan-Charvet L Cancers (Basel) 2019 Mar;11(3) Abstract PMID: 30832375 Macrophages are tissue-resident cells that act as immune sentinels to maintainRead More...

Azacitidine resistance caused by LAMP2 deficiency: a therapeutic window for the use of autophagy inhibitors in MDS/AML patients?

Robert G, Auberger P Autophagy 2019 Feb;:1-3 Abstract PMID: 30806567 Chaperone-mediated autophagy (CMA) is a selective form of autophagy that allows the elimination andRead More...
By : Robert G, Auberger P | Fév 26, 2019

Nicotinamide as a chemopreventive therapy of skin cancers. Too much of good thing?

Ballotti R, Healy E, Bertolotto C Pigment Cell Melanoma Res 2019 Feb; Abstract PMID: 30742742

Mother or Father: Who Is in the Front Line? Mechanisms Underlying the Non-Genomic Transmission of Obesity/Diabetes via the Maternal or the Paternal Line

Portha B, Grandjean V, Movassat J Nutrients 2019 Jan;11(2) Abstract PMID: 30678214 Extensive epidemiological and experimental evidence have shown that exposure to an adverseRead More...
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