The histology core facility, supported by the Canceropôle PACA, provides state-of-the-art equipments in histology to perform tissues embedding (paraffin/frozen), sectioning (paraffin/frozen) and staining. We also assists in the setting up and optimization of histological approaches for each scientific project, delivering protocols that can be tested by the researchers themselves. Training support is provided. After training, users have free access to the equipments in the core facility like microtomes or cryostats. The facility is open to outside investigators.


STP 120 Spin Tissue Processor

Modular Tissue Embedding Center EC 350

Microtome Microme HM340E

Microtome Leica RM2055

Cryostat CM350

Samples Processing

Paraffin Processing

The STP 120 Spin Tissue Processor runs overnight from Monday to Thursday at 6PM. Fixed samples have to be placed in tissue embedding and processing cassettes. Importantly, before adding the cassette in the Spin Tissue Processor, the cassettes that contain tissues have to be kept for at least one hour in 70% Ethanol. The next day, the cassettes have to be transferred to the Modular Tissue Embedding Center EC 350 that dispenses warmed-up paraffin for making the blocks. Each researcher has to do his own blocks.

Cryostat Processing

Fresh or fixed samples have to be incubated with Optimal Cutting Temperature media (Tissue Tech) and freezes to embed the tissue. Solid blocks are kept at -80°C until use. When needed, the blocks are unmounted and paste on metal holders for sectioning. Blocks are trimmed and then sections of required sickness are collected.

Whole Tissue Clearing Processing

Tissues are stained for desired labelling and cleared by sequential incubation with various solvents. For further information contact the facility manager.

Booking system

All available equipments at the facility can be booked on the C3M reservation website. Training is necessary before working with them. Please send a Training request to the facility manager. In case of question or help request, please send an email to the facility manager.

Team members 

Facility Manager: Jerome Gilleron

Co-Facility Manager: Nathalie Vaillant

For any information please contact the facility manager: jerome.gilleron@unice.fr