Always mention the facility in the acknowledgements

This is critical for:
– Better visibility of the facility
– Fund raising
– C3M evaluation

– And last but not least acknowledgement of the staff involvement

For example:
– In the section Materials and Methods: « image acquisition and image analysis were performed on the C3M Imaging facility » (part of Microscopy and Imaging platform Côte d’Azur, MICA)
– In the acknowledgments section « The authors wish to thank [xxx] from the C3M Imaging facility « .


Include staff member in authors list when justified

The staff members support users in their projects on the Biophotonics Facility. It is not recquired to include any staff member in the author list. However, when a staff member of facility has significantly contributed to a publication, it is highly recommended to add this person in the list of authors.


Publication liste

The facility staff cannot keep a publication liste updated without your contribution. It is your duty to provide the references of any publications that have used the equipments of the facility. Providing the pdf file of the article will be most appreciated.


Materials and Methods

To accurately describe the way in which you did your imaging you should include the following information (where relevant):

  • Type of system/microscope (eg Zeiss 510 confocal mounted on an Axiovert 200M microscope stand)
  • Objective you used (eg 63x 1.4 NA oil Plan-Apochromat)
  • Wavelengths of excitation and emission
  • Camera (eg Camera Hamamatsu ORCA-ER)
  • Software for acquisition (eg Zen 2009, LAS AF, NIS…) and general typical settings (eg exposure time, binning, time interval,…)
  • Details of any image processing or analysis procedures

Examples for writing materials and methods sections of papers are available on the C3M Server.