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Help for writing




I have not checked most of these sites, so use carefully.


http://lklivingston.tripod.com/essay/   Guide to writing a basic essay

http://www1.aucegypt.edu/academic/writers/    How To Write An Essay: 10 Easy Steps

http://www2.actden.com/writ_den/tips/essay   Parts, how to, kinds

http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/section/1/2/  Purdue online writing lab


http://www.monash.edu.au/lls/llonline/writing/    Monash

https://student.unsw.edu.au/writing-skills-support    UNSW

http://www-public.jcu.edu.au/learningskills/resources/wsonline/    James Cook U

http://www.open.edu/openlearn/history-the-arts/culture/literature-and-creative-writing/what-good-writing/content-section-0   Open U

http://ergo.slv.vic.gov.au/learn-skills/essay-writing-skills   Library, Victoria

http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/interactives/essaymap/    Essay Map

http://www.writing.utoronto.ca/advice/general/general-advice   U Toronto




Useful forum to join, to get help for a draft that you have already written or for specific aspects of writing:

Try also:


Some useful help here, but be careful - not everything in these pages will be useful / relevant to your essay

An excellent guide:  http://lklivingston.tripod.com/essay/index.html

Writing Resources

Grammar Resources


I do not endorse any of the below services. Use these services at your own risk. Some of these sites charge a fee for their services.

  • 10pens--Free essay editing with an option to receive advice for a fee from more highly rated reviewers.
  • Advanced Writing Resources--A homeschool writing course available to purchase.
  • Cambridge Essay Service--Editing and help with college application essays; this company charges a fee for their service.
  • Editor Software--Download this software for free to try it before buying. StyleWriter runs from within Word and other leading word processors to show you how to edit every sentence.
  • Elite Editing--Editing for a fee.
  • English Trackers--Editing for a fee. 
  • Essay Edge--Editing and help with college application essays; this company charges a fee for their service, but they do answer questions for free. Use coupon #1010452610 to save $5.
  • Essay Judge--Peer review for your essays.
  • Essaysmith--Editing for a fee.
  • GrammarNOW!--Ask your question and get a free answer. Questions can relate to grammar, composition, editing, or proofreading.
  • Homework Help--Offering 24/7 expert academic homework help. This company charges a fee for their service.
  • inWrite--Editing for a fee.
  • Ivy League Proofreaders--Editing for a fee.
  • Papercheck--Paper editing and proofreading, for a fee.
  • Proofreading.com--Paper editing and proofreading, for a fee.
  • Proofread My Stuff--Editing for a fee.
  • Scribendi Editorial Services--Offering a wide range of services, including translation, for a fee.
  • Study Help--Get help with your SPECIFIC homework questions. You won't get the answers, but you will get help in finding the answers.
  • Supaproofread.com--Paper editing and proofreading, for a fee.
  • With Honors--Two Harvard Honors graduates provide essay editing services, including help with application essays, for a fee.
  • Words of Value--Making every word count. Editing for a fee. 
  • Words Worth Reading--Editing for a fee. 
  • Your Perfect English--English proofreading for ESL students.

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Peace and survival of life on Earth as we know it are threatened by human activities that lack a commitment to humanitarian values.  Destruction of nature and natural resources results from ignorance, greed, and a lack of respect for the Earth's living things... .  It is not difficult to forgive destruction in the past, which resulted from ignorance.  Today, however, we have access to more information, and it is essential that we re-examine ethically what we have inherited, what we are responsible for, and what we will pass on to coming generations.  Clearly this is a pivotal generation... .  Our marvels of science and technology are matched if not outweighed by many current tragedies, including human starvation in some parts of the world, and extinction of other life forms... .  We have the capability and responsibility.  We must act before it is too late.  Tenzin Gyatso the fourteenth Dalai Lama.