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General terms


You are requested to read carefully the general terms because your registration with the program implies the acceptance of these general terms.




If you are from the European Union you do not need a visa.

If you are not from the European Union :
- for a stay in France over 3 months, you must apply  to your country's Consulate of France for a long stay student visa which gives you the right to get the residence permit. The French embassy or the consulate will ask for a certificate of pre-registration or registration on behalf of the receiving institution, to grant the visa. The CUEFLE delivers the required documents to apply for the visa, but is not entitled to intervene in the proceedings for grant of the visas.

To register with a diploma, you need to attend all courses: the consequence of failing to attend the courses is the immediate suspension of all the rights coming with your residence permit.
Beyond 5  unjustified missed courses (the accepted reason is a case of absolute necessity) the student will not be able to register with the diploma and his/her  next registration with the CUEFLE can be refused.

Age minimum : 18 years old.
You must fill and return the pre-registration form with two passport photos as well as a photocopy of the requested documents (passport, diploma of end of secondary studies or university transcript with its official translation, health insurance document, proof of payment of pre-registration or registration).
The University Nice Sophia-Antipolis registered or pre-registered students,  must also include a copy of their student card.

Method of payment
Any payment must be done in euros. The amount of the payment must include the bank charges.
Whatever the means of payment chosen, please make sure that the reference CUEFLE/949 as well as the student or students name and first name appear clearly.

The payment must be made out with the order of “M. l'Agent Comptable UCA

The payment can be carried out by:
- French or international cheque
- International mandate
- Credit transfer

You are requested to send a copy of the payment by telefax or by e-mail. If not, your registration will be cancelled.

The registration fees must be fully paid before the beginning of all courses. It is thus not possible to obtain a spreading out of the payment over several months during the semester.

Cancellation of courses
The direction of the CUEFLE may have to cancel certain courses and workshops depending on the number of registered students. In this case, an alternative offer will be made. These modifications will not entail a reduction of the registration fees.

Cancellation and refunding

rule 1: application for repayment within a time higher than 30 days before the beginning of the courses
The CUEFLE will refund the difference between the installment (pre-registration of 300€ per six-month period) and the already credited sums if desistance is announced within a time higher than 30 days before the beginning of the courses.

rule 2: application for repayment within a 30 day period before the beginning of the courses
Any desistance from you within a 30 day period before the beginning of the courses will not cause any refunding except in the event of a case of absolute necessity attested by an official document accompanied by its translation.
In the event of a case of absolute necessity (refusal of visa, death of a relative: father, mother) refunding will be carried out according to rule 1.
IMPORTANT: In the event of a case of absolute necessity, it is possible for you to ask for a carryforward for the following session. The request must be made before the beginning of the session and accompanied by an official document. The carryforward can be done only once.

rule 3: application for repayment after the beginning of the courses
Any desistance from your after the beginning of the courses will prevent any refunding. However if you are registered for the two six-month periods and your desistance  takes place during the first semester of the year, rule 1 applies to the second semester of the year.
Any refunding will be carried out approximately 6 months after the notification of cancellation at our office.

Bank holidays
The courses do not take place on bank holidays.


The French language diploma provided by the CUEFLE are not national university degrees like Licence, Master or  Doctorate, and therefore it is not possible for the students to obtain the student social security.
- The student must thus subscribe an insurance covering the expenses of disease, loss of money or  valuable articles, robbery, civil responsibility, repatriation…

A proof of your insurance (translated into French by a sworn in translator) will have to be sent with the registration forms.
- If you are a citizen of the European Union, ask for your CEAM card to your medical care insurance company.
The CUEFLE cannot be held responsible in the event of disease, accident, robbery, etc

Rules of procedure of the university
On your arrival, you will have to conform to the rules and procedures of the university Nice Sophia Antipolis and CUEFLE. If your behaviour is likely to harm the good progress of the courses, you could be immediately excluded, without notice nor refunding.

NOTA BENE: In the event of litigation, only the administrative court of Nice will be qualified.