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Some ideas, tips and resources to help you design your presentation

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from  http://staff.city.ac.uk/~georgeb/study_skills.htm   by Prof. G. Balabanis

Kenny, Peter .  (1983).  A Handbook of Public Speaking for Scientists and Engineers. Bristol: Adam Hilger, Ltd. ISBN 0-85274-553-2.

The following VPA links do not appear to be working.  If you find it on another web site, pls let me know.
In the meantime, I have found a pdf file that you can download.
From  www.ku.edu/Ecoms/virtual_assistant/vpa/vpa.htm

The Virtual Presentation Assistant is an online tutorial for improving your public speaking skills. This site is designed to help you target your specific needs as a speaker by allowing you to access any or all of the contents listed below.







From  http://www.presentations.com/presentations/business_resources/industry_links.jsp


  • ABPM (Association of Briefing Program Managers)
  • CMMA (Communications Media Management Association)
  • IAPP (International Association of Presentation Professionals)
  • ICIA (International Communications Industries Association)
  • ISMP (International Society of Meeting Planners)
  • MCAI (Media Communications Association International)
  • MPI (Meeting Professionals International)
  • NSA (National Speakers Association)
  • NSCA (National Systems Contractors Association)
  • Toastmasters International

Association of Briefing Program Managers

The ABPM is a global organization whose members manage and execute company-to-company meetings with high-potential accounts. Facilities managed by ABPM members include state-of-the-art conference rooms, demo rooms, executive dining rooms, experiential environments and auditoriums. An executive briefing, a key strategic resource in a corporation's sales-support arsenal, typically is conducted by internal or partner subject-matter experts and delivered with leading-edge technology. ABPM members represent Fortune 1000 and emerging growth companies.
Contact: 214.800.8861, www.abpm.com

Communications Media Management Association

CMMA is exclusively composed of managers of corporate and education media departments. It provides members with networking opportunities, as well as training and information on effectively managing media services departments. The association's approximately 150 members have access to a confidential directory, job postings, a quarterly newsletter and annual conferences.
Contact: 630.653.2772, www.cmma.net.

International Association of Presentation Professionals

IAPP is a global association for professional presentation designers, graphics producers, service bureaus and internal media-services departments. The organization provides members a forum for networking and education with its annual conference, market survey and Web site.
Contact: 800.688.2748, www.iapp.org.

International Communications Industries Association

The ICIA charges itself with "educating, training and certifying the communications industry," providing information, services, training and certification for manufacturers, dealers, installers and users of audiovisual and presentation technologies. The association stages the annual Infocomm International, and the biannual Infocomm Asia and Infocomm Europe trade shows. It also produces the annual Projection Shoot-Out, in which projection-equipment manufacturers demonstrate their products side by side in a controlled environment. The association has roughly 2,100 members
Contact: 800.659.7469, 703.273.7200, www.icia.org.

International Society of Meeting Planners

ISMP includes professionals from more than 90 countries who plan or coordinate meetings or represent meeting sites. The group offers three professional designations: Registered Meeting Planner, Certified Event Planner and Certified Destination Specialist.
Contact: 320.763.4919, www.iami.org/ismp.html.

Media Communications Association International

MCAI, formerly the International Television Association, is a global community of visual communication professionals. Members work in video, film, distance learning, web design and creation, all forms of interactive visual communications and all associated crafts. Members create visual media to convey important information for corporations, small businesses, agencies, non-profit organizations, the government, education, the medical field, and broadcast and cable television.
Contact: 317.816.6269, www.itva.org.

Meeting Professionals International

The 17,200 members of MPI are meeting-industry professionals who plan and/or manage meetings for corporations and associations. The group offers educational programs to help members obtain the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) designation.
Contact: 972.702.3000, www.mpiweb.org.

National Speakers Association

NSA, an association of more than 3,800 professional speakers and businesses that serve the speaking industry, offers the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) program; it holds a convention and several regional training workshops and labs each year. It produces Professional Speaker magazine, Who's Who in Professional Speaking: A Meeting Planner's Guide, and the "Voices of Experience" audiotape program. Members also have access to SpeakerLink, the association's Web resource.
Contact: 480.968.2552, www.nsaspeaker.org.

National Systems Contractors Association

A not-for-profit association, the NSCA represents the commercial electronic-systems industry. It has more than 2,400 corporate and individual members worldwide from the fields of audio, video, paging, telecommunications, security control and others. These professionals include systems contractors/integrators, product manufacturers, consultants, sales representatives, architects and specifying engineers. Association benefits include technical and managerial education, certification preparation, industry advocacy, market statistics from its Manufacturers� Council and the annual Systems Integration Expo.
Contact: 800.446.6722 or 319.3666722, www.nsca.org.

Toastmasters International

Toastmasters is a not-for-profit educational organization devoted to helping people improve their public-speaking skills. Internationally, nearly 190,000 members belong to 8,800 local clubs, which meet regularly to give members the opportunity to learn and practice public-speaking techniques.
Contact: 949.858.8255, www.toastmasters.org.


From:  http://www.presentations.com/presentations/technology/article_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=2056784

PowerPoint resources
Special magazine supplement: Learning to live with PowerPoint


Numerous resources are available for enhancing PowerPoint presentations. From additional backgrounds, templates and clip art to animated characters and chart engines, these tools will give you the creative boost you're looking for.

Home of the ScreenBeans, those little stick-people that come with the Microsoft Clip Art Gallery, A Bit Better Corp.'s Web site has a vast collection of additional ScreenBeans for just about any business or professional purpose. Content CDs range in price from $25 to $75.

The site contains a wide variety of downloadable backgrounds arranged by theme, with thumbnails of slides. Themes include Business, Technology, Sales & Marketing, Education, Medical, Maps and Flags, Advertising, Animals, and Construction. The templates are also organized by color (red, orange, green, blue, purple, etc.).

An abundance of articles on communicating more effectively with PowerPoint in various professional situations: sales pitches, formal presentations, informal meetings, presenting to the media, etc.

Often overlooked, the PowerPoint section of Microsoft's own Web site has many free resources, including a tips-and-tricks section, template gallery, tutorials and extra clip art, as well as links to other resources sites and, of course, information on the latest downloads, patches and add-ins available for PowerPoint.

An amazing repository of information on all things related to PowerPoint, including links, articles, templates, techniques, tutorials, books, product reviews and a never-ending flow of new ideas. Sign up for Indezine's PowerPoint E-Zine for the latest updates in the world of PowerPoint – you'll be glad you did.

A fairly comprehensive storefront for products that support and extend PowerPoint, including backgrounds, add-ins, books, clip media and templates.


The Animation Factory
Lots of creative templates and animations, available on CD or the Web. If you join, as a member you'll get access to more than 200,000 animations, clip-art graphics, templates and many other goodies. Prices: Complete Animation Bundle, $170; Platinum Web membership, $100.

CrystalGraphics PowerPlugs
The PowerPlugs series is specifically made for use with PowerPoint, and includes hundreds of extra templates, transitions, photos, music, special effects and more. Available in individual discs and combination sets. Prices: Individual CDs, $49-$59; Ultimate Combo, 30 volumes on 9 CDs, $649.

Digital Juice
A wide and entertaining variety of PowerPoint templates and other graphic boosters. Products include Digital Juice 2.0, a complete package of more than 50,000 templates, graphics, video clips, animations and photos. Other products include the PowerToonz clip-art library and the BackTraxx royalty-free audio collection. Prices: Digital Juice 2.0, $349; PowerToonz, $129 per volume; BackTraxx, $99 per volume.

PowerBacks Slide Alchemy
An online service that provides its subscribers 100 new PowerPoint templates a month, plus access to its archives. Price: $19.95 per year.

A PowerPoint plug-in by Accent Technologies that provides a search utility exclusively for PowerPoint slides. Searches can be by file or by text in individual slides. Price: $49.

RChart Pro
If you're tired of run-of-the-mill charts, this charting engine from rObjects gives you the ability to create charts as Macromedia Flash (SWF) files. This opens up many more animation capabilities than those provided in PowerPoint's built-in charting engine, and the files can be imported directly into PowerPoint. Prices: Individual, $69; Enterprise Edition, $199.

Vox Proxy

This creative, entertaining PowerPoint option by Right Seat Software features small, animated 3D cartoon characters that can be customized for any presentation. Besides providing the characters, Vox Proxy software gives you control over their movement, gestures and voice. Price: $199.

NX PowerLite
If people in your organization regularly e-mail large PowerPoint files that clog the network server, NX PowerLite is the tool for you. A stand-alone compression utility by Neuxpower Solutions, NX PowerLite optimizes the sizes of slides, graphics and embedded objects in a PowerPoint file, squeezing them down as small as possible without sacrificing image quality. Price: $30.

Originally published in the November 2003 issue of Presentations magazine. Copyright 2003, VNU Business Media.

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