Clem Environment

A set of softwares about the clem project and Light Esterel language

clem : LE compiler,

clef : LEC finalizer,

loom : graphical LE editor,

lecto : LEC converter to other formats,

strl5le : esterel (V5) to LE converter and

cles : valued LEC code simulator

This compiler can generate a software or hardware code (lustre, esterel, blif, vhdl or c) . In particular the blif target can be used for simulation or verification.

galaxy : graphic automaton editor (which uses the fltk windows library)

this editor can generate a Light Esterel description and can serve as front end of clem compilation chain.

Link to galaxy home page

How to install each tool ?

- Linux

Download the package (clem_linux64.tar.gz for example) and create the clem_linux64 directory by:

gzip -d clem_linux64.tar.gz
tar xvf clem_linux64.tar

Then, open the clem_linux64 directory and install the clem and clef programs in a shared bin directory such as: /usr/local/bin, ~/bin ...


Download the package ( for example) and unzip this file.

Then, install the clem_windows directory in a shared directory such as ``Program Files'' and update your PATH environment variable ...

Last update: October 1, 2018

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