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Sage publication agreement

Sage will not publish until they have a completed publication agreement.  This is a transfer of copyright to the publisher.

The agreement is provided here in the form of a PDF file.  It must not be altered (manually or electronically).  Make a copy of the form, write in the blank spaces (your name, title of article), and sign.  Use a thick, black ball-point pen.  List all the authors clearly.  Only one (corresponding) author needs to sign the agreement.

As soon as you are asked to prepare the final version of your ms, complete this agreement form and send it to Sage.  Do not wait until the last minute.  If the agreement is not with the publisher in time, your article will be pulled from the issue, and held over until later.

Send the completed and signed agreement form directly to Sage India, by fax or email.  Be sure to tell the editor (and guest editor) when you have sent this off, but do not send the actual agreement to them.

Sage's India production office fax number:  +91 11 4053 9234

Alternatively, you may print, sign, scan, and send by email attachment to: <amit.panda |@|>.

Do not send to the editor or the guest editor; simply notify by email that it has been sent.  Pls remember to include the ms N.

Click here to get the pdf file with the agreement form.
This will open a new window in your browser.

You will need a copy of a pdf reader to read this file.
An excellent freeware one is PDFexchangeViewer, which allows you to write on the pdf file.