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Simulation/gaming associations

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Official S&G sponsors
ABSEL Association of Business Simulation and Experiential Learning
ISAGA International Simulation and Gaming Association
JASAG Japan Association of Simulation and Gaming
NASAGA North American Simulation and Gaming Association
SAGANET Simulation and Gaming Association - The Netherlands
SAGSAGA Swiss Austrian German Simulation and Gaming Association
SIETAR-USA Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research - USA
SSSG Social Simulation and Serious Games
SSAGSg or SSGS Society of Simulation and Gaming of Singapore

Other simulation associations

APSSA Asia-Pacific Social Simulation Association
EUROSIM Federation of Europrean Simulation Societies
DiGRA Digital Games Research Association
ORS Operational Research Society
OzSAGA Australian Simulation and Games Association
SAGSET Society for the Advancement of Games and Simulations in Education and Training
   SCS Society for Computer Simulation
SIGIS SocietÓ Italiana dei Giochi di Simulazione
SIGSIM ACM Special Interest Group on Simulation
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