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Simulation & Gaming:
An Interdisciplinary Journal



Sciences de la Communication
L3 -
Autonomy in Comm in EN

 D a v i d  C r o o k a l l, PhD, Editor,
S&G: An Interdisciplinary Journal



Project proposal

Project proposalAll members of your group must come to present and discuss your project in a walk-in session (see timetable).  For this you need to bring your written proposal. 

Your proposal must be validated before you can go ahead and do it.  Without explicit approval (validation) of your proposal, your project will not be valid.  To validate your proposal, the only way is to come to a walk-in session; it cannot be done by email.  Bring two copies on paper, one for me, and one for you to keep (which I will mark as validated)

If some members of your group are not able to come, that is not entirely satisfactory, but it will work.

You proposal must be done according to the specifications given below.  Your proposal must be done using a word processor; a hand-written proposal is not acceptable.

The minimum requirements for your proposal are as follows:

  • Two or three pages (no more than 3 pages).  Make a pdf file.  Bring two copies on paper1.3 line spacing.  1cm margins.  Times Roman, 12pt.   Short phrases, bullets, headings, etc.
  • At start: names of everyone in your group, your student IDs, your enrolment N° for this course, your email addresses, passport photos, date of session, title of project.
  • Objective(s).  Clear statement of main objective, and of any minor objectives (max 2).
  • Main language skills and/or dimensions (grammar, genre, comm, etc) that you propose to use or develop or study.
  • List of resources that you propose to use.
  • Main activities or actions that you propose to do.
  • Main study skills (or learning to learn skills, on methodology) that you will develop.
  • What timelines or deadlines you have set for yourself.
  • What deliverables you aim to have; what things you will 'produce', what results will you achieve, what items you will have in your portfolio. *
  • Criteria for self assessment.
  • Do NOT send your proposal by email; only paper format is acceptable.

Please use your head, your initiative, your common sense.

Please do not send me emails for things that you can find on the web.

* If you decide to do a reading programme with simplified readers, you do not need to put the books in the portfolio, but a short synopsis and/or appreciation of each book would be good, or completed exercises (often found at the end of the readers).  Also a brief account of how you worked and shared with your group friends, such as discussions.

Later, I will add a web page to tell you how to do your portfolio.

Timetables: acl3_horaire.htm

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