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Simulation & Gaming:
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Sciences de la Communication
L3 -

 D a v i d  C r o o k a l l, PhD, Editor,
S&G: An Interdisciplinary Journal



Horaires / Timetables
Science de la Comm - L3 - LLML602B

For both: Présentation professionnelle and Autonomy

Consulter souvent cette page.   Elle contient les dates et horaires de vos cours et épreuves, ainsi que les changements éventuels, qui peuvent se faire à la dernière minute.

Look at this page often.  It contains the dates and times of your classes and tests, as well as any changes, which can be made at the last minute.

Make sure that you refresh / reload the page in your browser, to be sure to have the latest version.

For the rattrapage session click here.

Pour voir la notice d'inscription, cliquer ici.  See also the indications below.

NB - Timetable changes may be made at the last minute; it is thus vital that you consult this page regularly for updates.  The URL is http://www.unice.fr/crookall-cours/acl/acl3_horaire.htm.  It is your professional responsibility, in keeping with the spirit if this class, to stay informed about changes and to do the required work on time.

En aucun cas, le secrétariat ne donnera les horaires par téléphone.

Dans les tableaux ci-dessous, sont indiqués: les dates et horaires des cours, l’intitulé du cours, les numéros des groupes, les heures des séances.  Ne vous trompez pas de groupe, d’heures, etc.  Les séances (présentations p1 à p6) sont indiquées ci-dessous.  Les présentations p7 et p9 seront indiquées ultérieurement.  Voir la légende en bas de page.

Ces horaires peuvent changer; il faut donc consulter régulièrement cette page.

Make sure that you refresh / reload the page in your browser, to be sure to have the latest version.

Classes for both presentation and autonomy are indicated below.


2013 timetables


Autonomy course


Please note that, contrary to some rumours circulating, there is no classic oral exam for this course, and there is no special work to do except your portfolio, which you have known about since the start.  The grade will be based on on your portfolio.  You need to attend a portfolio checking session before you email your final portfolio.  Your portfolio is an account of your work on your project.  Before you do your project, you need to write a short proposal and get it have it approved. Your project needs to have been approved at a project approval session.  Your project, in most cases, will be some kind of web object (blog, site, service, etc.).  The sequence of events is as follows:

  1. Group formation, brainstorming a project.

  2. Draft a project proposal.

  3. Get your project proposal approved, in a proposal approval session.

  4. Develop your project; finalize your project (incl the web-based object).

  5. Draft your course portfolio.

  6. Get your draft portfolio checked - in a draft portfolio checking session.

  7. Finalize and email your final portfolio.

All sessions are walk-in (not 'walking').  For more details see the autonomy pages.  The sessions below are the only ones available.  Do not come at the end of a session as I will have to leave then.  If you come in the middle, and no one comes at the start, I may not be able to see everyone before the end.  Come at the start.  I see people on a first-come-first-served basis, until the end of the session.  Please be patient if you have to wait.  If I have not seen you by the end of the session, you will have to come back at a later session.


Distinguish carefully between two types of session in May:

  1. Proposal approval.  This is work that you should have done before your internship, in January.

  2. Draft portfolio check.  This session is just a quick check to make sure everything is ok, and will only take a few minutes for each group.

1.  Proposal approval - last sessions

These sessions are for proposal approval, for students who did not get their proposal approved in December or January.  These are the last sessions at which you can get your proposal approved.  If you miss these sessions, then your project will not be accepted.


Mon Tues Wed Thur 2 May Fri 3 May

Sat 4 May

09h-11h 09h-12h
rm H201 rm H201
rm H201

When you come to one of the above sessions, do not spend time explaining why you did not do anything.  I need to see you in person, with your proposal on paper.  Your proposal must be done on paper, not shown in the computer.  You cannot send it by email.  If you do not have a proposal yet, then do one.  Remember that, to do your project, you must be in groups of 3 or 4 people - no more, no less.  To obtain approval for your project in these sessions, your group can be represented by just one of its members (and not by anyone outside the group).

You should arrive at the start of the session, to be sure to be seen.  The end times indicated are the times by which I need to leave, not when you can arrive.  No other proposal approval sessions will be scheduled.

2.  Draft portfolio checking sessions

The sessions below are for draft portfolio checking only.  Plase note that, contrary to some rumoyrs circulating, there is no classic oral exam for this course.  The grade is based on the elements in your portfolio, including project proposal, project (web object, ...).  Instructions for doing your portfolio are here.

You will not be able to have your proposal approved in these sessions, below.  If you have not yet had your proposal approved, then you need to attend one of the above proposal approval sessions - see above.

If you have had your proposal approved previously (for example in January), then you may be able to have your portfolio checked in one of the above (proposal approval) sessions (2 or 3 May).  However, please be warned that, in those sessions, proposal approval has priority.  Thus, if there is no time in the above sessions, you will have to come back.  In any case, so you should come in the last half of the sessions indicated above.

I need to see you in person, with your draft.  It is better to come to an early session - to avoid crowds and waiting.  Normally, checking a draft portfolio should take only a few minutes.  Please have everything ready to show me in a convenient fashion.

Mon 6 May Tues 7 May Wed  May Thur  May Fri  May

Sat  May

09h30-12h 09h30-11h30
rm H201 rm H201
rm H201


Mon 13 May Tues 14 May Wed 15 May Thur 16 May Fri 17 May

Sat 18 May

10h30-12h 09h30-11h30
rm H201 rm H201
rm H201

Remember that you must come to one of the above draft portfolio checking sessions before you email your final portfolio - see above.  If you have not had your draft checked in person at one of the above sessions, then do not send it by email.  No other sessions will be organized.  All group members should come, but if this is difficult, then only some of the group members may to come.  At least one person needs to come.

You should bring your portfolio printed on paper.  If your portfolio is very large (for example if it contains your project), then you can show it in your laptop* However, you must bring sections 1 to 4 printed on paper.  If sections 1 to 4 are not on paper, then you will have to return to a subsequent portfolio checking session.  You may print in b&w; colour is not needed for this printout.

* We will have very little time, so you need to have your laptop already open.

Deadline for emailing your final portfolio =  14h, Wed 15 May, 2013

Be warned:  Portfolios received after 14h on 15 May will be ignoredPortfolios with wrong filenames or email subjects, or not in pdf format, will be lost or ignored.

Send your portfolio to crookall dot unsa at gmail dot com.


Presentation course - p9


You will do your p9 in this session

Mon 13 May Tues 14 May Wed 15 Thur 16 May Fri 17 May

Sat 18 May



  rm H201        

You must attend for the whole session; you are not allowed to leave in the middle.

For more information on this course, see the presentation course pages.






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