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IUP Com Intro
Overview (p1-p9)
On-the-job P (p7)
Final P (p9)
Material needed

Simulation & Gaming:
An Interdisciplinary Journal



IUP SEDI Communication
Professional presentation
in English

 D a v i d  C r o o k a l l, PhD, Editor,
S&G: An Interdisciplinary Journal

IUP Com Intro
Overview (p1-p9)
On-the-job P (p7)
Final P (p9)
Material needed

Material needed for your presentation classes

Pour les cours vous devez vous munir des trois services ou matériels suivants :

1. Accès à l’internet, (chez vous ou un ami, à l’université, dans un café internet, etc.).

2. Accès au logiciel MS PowerPoint or similar. You have several ways of getting presentation software, especially PowerPoint :

• Sur votre propre ordinateur : PowerPoint fait parti du groupe de logiciels « MS Office » (dans lequel vous trouvez également MS Word). Make sure that you save your slide shows under the 2003 format (.ppt for XP), not 2007 (.pptx for vista).

• A l’UNS, dans un labo informatique.

• En téléchargeant un logiciel équivalent gratuit, Impress, à www.openoffice.org. Attention : Bien vérifier que les fichiers Impress que vous sauvegardez soient compatibles avec PowerPoint 2003 (.ppt, not .pptx).

• You can use Google Drive (cloud computing) and then download your file in .ppt format.

• An excellent review of alternatives to MS Office can be found here:



o ThinkFree Office Online This free on-line office suite uses standard Microsoft-Office file formats for its default formats, making it the most Office-compatible of the online productivity suites.

o OpenOffice.org This enterprise-level open-source Microsoft Office alternative is powerful and highly compatible with Office-format files (through Office 2003), but it's marred by a dreary and complex interface.

o WordPerfect Office X3 Standard Edition It's mostly going to appeal to WordPerfect's long-standing legal, academic, and professional audiences, but Corel's Office suite is definitely worth a look if Word's peculiarities get on your nerves.

o IBM Lotus Symphony Beta This free productivity application suite is based on OpenOffice.org, with IBM's professional-level interface on top. It's not as flexible or as advanced as MS Office, but it is one of the best desktop-based Office alternatives.

o Google Docs Beta Google Docs Beta is fast, elegant, convenient, and free—all of which adds up to an Editors' Choice—winning online office suite.

o Zoho This smorgasbord of free online services has more functions than any other MS Office alternative, but that doesn't add up to a best-of-breed service.

3. Une clef USB – permettant d’apporter vos fichiers PowerPoint en cours.

N’attendez pas le début des cours pour mettre en place ces éléments. Vous en avez besoin des la deuxième séance.

 • IUP Com Intro • Overview (p1-p9) • On-the-job P (p7) • Final P (p9) • Material needed •

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