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Simulation & Gaming:
An Interdisciplinary Journal



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Research design

From  http://spsp.clarion.edu/mm/RDE3/start/default.html

Research Design Explained

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Teaching from the Fourth Edition

Chapter 1:
Psychology and Science
Chapter 2:
Generating Research Hypotheses
Chapter 3:
Measuring and Manipulating Variables
Chapter 4:
Choosing the Best Measure for your Study
Chapter 5:
Internal Validity
Chapter 6:
The Simple Experiment
Chapter 7:
The Multiple Group Experiment
Chapter 8:
Factorial Designs
Chapter 9:
Within-Subjects Designs
Chapter 10:
Reading and Evaluating Research
Chapter 11:
Single-n Experiments and Quasi-Experiments
Chapter 12:
Introduction to Descriptive Methods
Chapter 13:
Survey Research
Chapter 14:
Writing Research Proposals and Reports



 • Proposal • Topic • Lit Rev • Samples reports • Design • Qnr samples • Qnr design •

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Peace and survival of life on Earth as we know it are threatened by human activities that lack a commitment to humanitarian values.  Destruction of nature and natural resources results from ignorance, greed, and a lack of respect for the Earth's living things... .  It is not difficult to forgive destruction in the past, which resulted from ignorance.  Today, however, we have access to more information, and it is essential that we re-examine ethically what we have inherited, what we are responsible for, and what we will pass on to coming generations.  Clearly this is a pivotal generation... .  Our marvels of science and technology are matched if not outweighed by many current tragedies, including human starvation in some parts of the world, and extinction of other life forms... .  We have the capability and responsibility.  We must act before it is too late.  Tenzin Gyatso the fourteenth Dalai Lama.