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Use the UNSA BU for searches in scientific journals.

Use search engines for finding web-based documents.

Below are some other tools for searching the literature.

Use these to find documents about the topic of your research and also about research methods related to you topic, including research instruments, such as inventories (questionnaires) and their design.

The Internet Public Library

From:  www.support4learning.org.uk/education/research.htm

Research, information skills & researching the Internet

You may find other useful information in:

Please let us know of any other sites that we could include in this section.

General research resources
  • ACA Research Methods - links to research & communication issues, including research methods, business communication, communication education technology, social science & the media
  • Action research resources - action research & evaluation online course, also many online resource papers, links to external resources, mailing lists & conference abstracts
  • British Educational Research Association - links & events, publications, free to members
  • CARN - Collaborative Action Research Network - conference reports, discussion lists, publications & links to other websites
  • Centre for Applied Social Surveys - UK - newsletter, research, articles, links for social research, including interviewing
  • Columbia Guide to Online Style - Extracts from the main publication, including elements of citation, documenting sources in the text, preparing the bibilographic material
  • Doing Library Research - constructing your research paper, from University of California Santa Cruz
  • APA Style of Citation - links & advice including writing reports in the style of the American Psychological Association
  • Ethical guidelines of the British Educational Research Association - standards for educational researchers
  • Ethical Standards of the American Educational Research Association - standards for educational researchers
  • Eurydice - information network of databases on education systems, exams & qualifications in Europe, includes glossaries, news & international links
  • FAQ on Internet Research - FAQ ( frequently asked questions) regularly updated with links
  • Finding Data on the Internet - a Journalist's Guide - subject links are mainly from the US
  • Finding information on the Internet - includes search strategies & tools, evaluating web pages, style sheets for evaluating internet & electronic resources, glossary of internet & web jargon, from University of California, Berkeley
  • Free Pint - very active & useful community of information researchers on a wide range of topics, with newsletter by email, information on seminars & publications & company search
  • Guidelines for carrying out action research - huge list of links to help with action research projects
  • IndyMedia UK - a network of individuals, independent & alternative media activists & organisations, offering grassroots, non-corporate, non-commercial coverage of important social & political issues, also links to other national & world independent media centres, online debates & articles, international news, offline newsheets, events
  • InfoPro Alliance - tools, examples & templates to support information professionals, also good links to international associations, publications & research tools from Factiva.com
  • JournalismNet - using the Internet for Journalists, using Canadian & US resources
  • LARIA - Local Authorities Research + Intelligence Association - news, online forum, previous newsletters online, publications, links section
  • Legal Research Using the Internet - article with mainly US links, useful strategies
  • LibrarySpot - huge range of specialist & general libraries, reference sites, articles, lists, library news & monthly newsletter by email
  • NFER (National Foundation for Educational Research) - news by email, projects, conferences, articles, web links CERUK (Current Educational research in the UK, database online), also currently hosts the Education Management Information Exchange
  • The Nutshell - includes Research Methods Masterclass, LIS (Library & Information Science) funding bodies, news & links to elements of the information industry & e-bulletins, jobs, events & articles
  • Radical Statistics Group - promotes use of statistics to inform not to drive policies, online articles & information on publications, search by subjects & by journal date, news, links & discussion group
  • Research Strategy - seven steps of the research process, from Cornell University
  • Researchpaper - US site for school-related research, includes large writing centre with information on style & presentation, planning, proof-reading, non-sexist language, writing for jobsearch & discussion area
  • Researchville - over 700 databases
  • Study Aids - helpful list of other sites online including Education World Research Toolbox & sections on Copyright, Citation & Plagiarism, Undergraduate Study Aids & Graduate Study Aids, mainly American
  • The Virtual Chase - a research site for legal professionals includes articles, research guides, online teaching tools, resources for internet trainers, free newsfeed
Online Internet tutorials

From  http://www.blueridge.edu/Resources/SearchTools.htm

Search tools

Quick Links: NCCCS - P&C - NandO
News/Info: USA Today - CNN
Weather: National - NC - Local
Sports: ESPN - Scores - @Bat - NFL
Magazines: Time - Vibe - People - PC - MAC - Travel
Search Tools: Yahoo - Alta Vista - Lycos - HotBot -
DogPile.com- Northern Light, Ask Jeeves
Google -
Excite - Cyber411 - GoTo - Highway 61 
HotBot - People Search - PlanetSearch - Infoseek
Snap.com - Starting Point - WebCrawler - see more below
Other Tools: Bartlett Quotations - 24:00 clock - new Study Guide
Find Faculty BRCC Faculty and Staff

Major MetaSearch Tools:



Best Search Tools Form

Library Help - Choose the best Search engine for your purpose.

Internet Libraries and Search Engines - This site will connect you to search engines, free email, writing guides, Internet libraries, other colleges, and major news sites.

Internet Search Engines

Internet Subject Directories

Needle in a Cyberstack - huge search resource for students and teachers - including a large group of meta-search engines.

Search Engines - A vast resource of search engines.

How to Site Internet Resources - tutorial

Tutorial on Searches - via Alan November and Educational Renaissance Planners, 1998)

Evaluating Web Sites:  Teach Zack to Think by Alan November

BARE BONES 101:  A Basic Tutorial On Searching The Web

University of Albany's "Using and Searching the Web" tutorials
     Boolean Searching on the Internet - The principles of search logic and the different
      manifestations of this logic on Web search engines

     How to Choose a Search Engine or Directory - A chart listing numerous features 
     and the search engines & directories that support them.

     Quick Reference Guide to Search Engine Syntax - A chart of search rules for the 
     a selected group of engines organized into categories. This chart covers AltaVista, Argus
     Clearinghouse, Excite, FAST Search, GO.com, Google, HotBot, Lycos, MetaCrawler and 
     Northern Light.

     Searching the Internet: Recommended Sites and Search Techniques  - An
     extensive tutorial on the use of subject directories and search services. This tutorial covers 
     AltaVista, Argus Clearinghouse, Ask Jeeves, Excite, HotBot, Infoseek, Lycos, MetaCrawler and

     Second Generation Searching on the Web - Tips on precision searching using 
     features available on second generation search services. This tutorial covers Direct Hit, Google,
     Inference Find, The Informant, Ixquick Metasearch, Northern Light, Oingo, SurfWax and TracerLock.


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