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Telecom jobs
Telecom presentations
Final P (p9)

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Overview of telecom presentations

Les cours se déroulent dans un esprit professionnel.  Un comportement professionnel est exigé.

You will do 7 presentations in all: p1, p2, p4, p5, p6, p7, p8.
(You do not do p3; this is done by your workshop leader.)

Pour les séances 4 (p4) et 5 (p5) vous devez faire une presentation en groupe de 3 ou 4 personnes.  Arrangez-vous rapidement pour former vos groupes.  If a couple (2 people) needs a third person, be generous in other groups of 4 people, and 'give' one person to the couple.

Your practice presentations, p2, p4, p5, p6, done in class, are as follows:


Individual / Group (No people)

Topic areas & pages with links

Minimum & maximum length
in mins



Any (introduction only)



Group (minimum 3, maximum  4)

Issues & concerns today

8 - 12


Group (minimum 3, maximum  4)


8 - 12



Issues or Telecommunication

7 - 10

Your on-the-job (mini-stage) presentation, done outside of class, is:
p7 Individual or group (maximum  5) Negotiated with host organisation 15 - 30
Your final presentation, done in class, is:
p9 Individual Telecommunication 7 - 10


 Look at the internet for ideas about presentations.  Try the following:

 • Telecom jobs • Telecom presentations • Final P (p9) •

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