Bioinspired Chemistry and Materials for Sustainable Energy


This symposium will bring chemists and engineers with diverse expertise who have a common interest in employing ideas from biology to address pending challenges of solar and other forms of sustainable energy. The symposium will focus on key challenges pertinent to the impacts from energy production and consumption on the environment, the addressing of which requires not only innovative technological developments, but also unprecedented fundamental paradigms. Therefore, this symposium will provide a platform for interfacing basic science with applied engineering as a driving force for innovation, which will be in concord with the theme of the conference.


Scope/Topics Covered

The symposium fits perfectly with the Smarttech theme of the conference. It will include topics on artificial photoshynthesis, bioinspired charge transfer and photovoltaics, solar fuels, bioinspired catalysis, and bioinspired energy-conversion and energy storage. (From basic science to device engineering)

Symposium Chair/s and Contact Person/s

Pr. Val Vullev (

University of California, Riverside – USA


Confirmed Keynote Speakers

Pr. Ksenija Glusac (University of Illinois at Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory – USA)

Pr. Frank Quina (University of São Paulo – Brazil)

Pr. Angel Martí (Rice University – USA)

Pr. Igor Alabugin (Florida State University – USA)

Pr. Jiandi Wan (Rochester Institute of Technology – USA)

Dr. Gary Moore (Arizona State University – USA)

Dr. Oleg G. Poluektov (Argonne National Laboratory – USA)

Pr. Dorota Gryko (Polish Academy of Sciences – Poland)

Dr. Erick L. Bastos (University of São Paulo – Brazil)

Pr. Michael J. Therien (Duke University – USA)

Pr. Malcolm D.E. Forbes (Bowling Green State University – USA)

Dr. Alan Le-Goff (Université Grenoble Alpes – France)

Pr. Christopher J. Bardeen (University of California, Riverside – USA)

Dr. Maria Abrahamsson (Chalmers University of Technology – Sweden)

Pr. Felix (Phil) Castellano (North Carolina State University – USA)

Dr. Jiandi Wan (University of Rochester – USA)