Plasma and Laser Processing of Bioinspired and Biobased Materials (PLASMAT 2018)


This symposium at the 4th International Conference on Bionspired and Biobased Chemistry and Materials will draw together scientists and technologists working on the plasma chemistry, plasma physics, and laser processing of bioinspired and biobased materials. The symposium will highlight the advances in the field and will challenge the boundaries of mimicking nature through the use of plasma science and technology and/or laser technology. This symposium will also be an avenue for the participants to formulate the technological roadmap on this very important and highly specialized field.

Scope/Topics Covered

Plasma processed bioinspired and/or biobased materials

Plasma sources for materials processing: low pressure and atmospheric plasma sources

Plasma surface modification: etching, deposition, activation

Plasma and nanotechnology

Plasma and liquids

Plasma treated materials for energy and environmental applications

Plasma polymerization

Plasma for biological applications: plasma medicine

R&D plasma processing

Laser processed bioinspired and/or biobased materials

Laser sources for materials processing


SFV Student Award for Best Oral Communication

The Symposium on Plasma and Laser Processing of Bioinspired and Biobased Materials (PLASMAT 2018)  will be offering the « SFV Student Award for Best Oral Communication » to be sponsored by the Société Française du Vide (

The award is open to all students who will be presenting an oral communication at PLASMAT 2018. To be eligible for the award, the applicant must be a registered student, have submitted an abstract for an oral presentation, and have paid the registration fees. Applicants for the award should submit the following requirements to (1) short CV – max 3 pages, (2) copy of the submitted abstract, (3) recommendation letter from the thesis supervisor/s, and (4) student registration for the year 2018. Deadline for application is on 31 July 2018.

The award consists of a certificate and a 300 € prize, and will be selected based on the scientific merit and originality of the work by a jury that will be formed by SFV, NICE 2018, and PLASMAT 2018 Organizing and Scientific Committees.

Symposium Chair/s and Contact Person/s

Hernando S. SALAPARE III, PhD (

Université Côte d’Azur, NICE Lab, IMREDD, Nice, France

Confirmed Keynote Speakers

Dr. Bencherif Sidi (Northeastern University – USA)

Pr. Joāo Mano (University of Aveiro – Portugal)

Pr. Yong-Lai Zhang (Jilin University – China)

Pr. Kesong Liu (Beihang University – China)