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Simulation & Gaming:
An Interdisciplinary Journal



Sciences de la Communication
L3 -
HLCO612 (LLML602B)
Professional presentation
in English 

 D a v i d  C r o o k a l l, PhD, Editor,
S&G: An Interdisciplinary Journal

Les cours se déroulent dans un esprit professionnel.

Un comportement professionnel est exigé.

Inscription au préalable obligatoire.

Make sure that you read all these notes carefully; they contain information essential to your work.

Class times are indicated on the timetable page - click here.

Sciences de la Communication - L3 - HLCO612 (LLML602B) - 2 crédits

The first class is obligatory if you wish to follow this programme.  In this class, you will be given information about the two programmes (see below), and then make a choice about which one to follow.  If you are not present at this first class, you will not be allowed to follow either of the two programmes below.

This class will be organized differently from last year, 2011-12.

Starting with academic year 2012-13, the programme will contain two options:

Option 1 - Presentation.  Professional presentation skills

  • This is fundamentally the same as in previous years, but organized somewhat differently.
  • Only two groups of 18 students each will be organized.
  • The course is for students who (a) either have a relatively high level in English and/or who (b) are particularly motivated to improve their professional presentation skills.
  • The course is for people who, later in their career, wish to present at conferences, trade fairs, companies, banks, etc.
  • Research shows that people who do presentations professionally advance faster in their careers than those who do not.
  • The course usually results in greater confidence and clarity in speaking in public.
  • The focus will be on productive skills.

Option 2 - Autonomy.  Autonomous communication skills in English

  • This is a new programme.
  • More info about the course will be given at the first meeting.
  • Essentially, you will be working in an independent, guided mode.
  • The programme is inspired by the work on autonomous learning carried out at the CRAPEL, U of Nancy.
  • The course will include sessions on learning to learn.
  • Students will have a choice of skills, materials, place to study, manner of study.
  • The focus will be in receptive skills.

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