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Training courses

ED85 Courses


Compulsory courses

  • The course "Thèses électroniques : dépôt et mise en ligne" (2h) provided by the BU is compulsory (mist30). This distance learning course takes place twice a year.
  • Courses in ethics and scientific integrity. At least one module from the ADUM catalogue is mandatory.
  • Doctoral students with a teaching load (DCME) have a compulsory course of 30 hours counted as professional hours.

Other courses

Other courses offered in Nice-Sophia Antipolis are managed centrally by the Training Division of the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis:

  • training in communication skills
  • training in the use of Powerpoint
  • exploit your skills: a new chapter of the thesis
  • and others

Some of these courses are highly recommended and are mandatory. Each year the Graduate School board mandates elected student representatives to audit the quality of the training courses.

During an annual meeting the training course schedule and a calendar with the major events planned for that year are distributed to the students.

Students can propose new courses, which need to be validated by the Graduate School board and the training division of the university.

Some of these courses are joint courses offered in collaboration with other Graduate Schools, including the National Network of Biomedical Graduate Schools.

Student interactions

Several initiatives implemented within the ED85 are meant to enhance the interaction between students from the four major campuses:

  • Faculty of Science on the Valrose campus
  • Faculty of Medicine and Antoine Lacassagne Cancer Centre
  • Villefranche campus
  • Sophia Antipolis campus

These events take place on an annual basis:

  • Formal meeting at the beginning of the academic year
  • The annual meeting of the Graduate School (JEDN) for scientific exchanges between PhD students and researchers
  • The Graduate School's yearly evening event

Integration into the workplace, Doctoriales

Help with integration into the workplace, participation in the 'doctoriales', and commitment to the program 'exploit your skills: a new chapter of the thesis'.

Help with the integration into the workplace is especially provided through the organization of annual Doctoriales which normally take place in September. These doctoriales are organized by the ABG (Association Bernard Gregory) in partnership with the ED of the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis and are intended for students in the final year of their thesis. A special training is offered to students that gives personal advice for the job search.

In addition the AJC06 offers a training course in marketing to enhance their chances in the job hunt.

All information regarding these training sessions (program, how to register ...) are distributed to the enrolled students by email.