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PhD student recruitment policy

The Graduate School selection process allows selection of high profile candidates. All publicly funded PhD fellowships are open for applications. All doctoral candidates will be evaluated and ranked by a unique selection board, during a unique session.

Publication of approved PhD opportunities: from April 1st, 2024

Doctoral projects proposed by host laboratories and approved by the Graduate School will be posted from April 1st, 2024. Students in the second year of their master degree should contact the project coordinator of the project they are interested in. Together with the project coordinator, they can prepare their interview by the Graduate School selection board.

Student online application: until June 6th, 2024 12am

PhD candidates need to apply online before June 6th, 2024 12am. Inside the application form, the applicant must provide his/her CV as well as the results of the Master graduation exam. If unknown at this date, the results of the master degree need to be communicated to the Graduate School secretary as soon as possible. Any selection made by the Graduate School before receiving final results will remain conditional until such information is obtained.

These deadlines apply to all students, regardless if they have obtained their master degree at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis or have graduated from another University.

Notice to doctoral candidates selected for an interview: June 13th, 2024

The Graduate School board will meet on June 13th, 2024 to examine all applications and pre-select a maximum of 30 applicants to be interviewed.

Selection criteria include ranking (or classification) of the master degree, as well as honours. The pre-selection process provides equal opportunities to students, who have graduated from other universities and does not take into account the PhD project chosen by the student.

If you have been pre-selected for an interview, you will be informed by email.

Preparation for interviews: up to June 24th, 2024 1pm

Candidates selected for an interview need to send a mail to and attach:

  • A half page text summary of their PhD project
  • A formal letter of the project supervisor agreeing to the supervision of the student
  • The electronic version of their presentation for the interview (pdf format).
Up to June 24th, 2024 1pm

Candidates' interviews: June 26 and 27th, 2024

Pre-selected candidates are interviewed and ranked by a selection board, which includes experts from all disciplines of the Graduate School, as well as external experts. Supervisors or co-supervisors of the PhD project chosen by the candidate cannot participate in the interviews. The student and technical personnel members of the board have a consulting role only during the interviews.

Interviews start with an 8 min presentation (slide presentation, pdf format) by the student. Candidates should summarize their educational background, their expertise as well as the chosen research project. The selection board will then ask scientific questions during 15 min in order to evaluate the candidate scientific skills and aptitudes to run the PhD project.

A 5 min question session will then allow the selection board to evaluate the candidate's motivation and personal skills.


The final ranking of the candidates for enrolment in the Graduate School will take into account both the CV and the interview.