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Our laboratory is internationally known in the synthesis and development of organic and organic-inorganic hybrid materials. Our knowledge allows going from the molecular conception toward the construction of surface with specific properties in different fields: NanoTech, SmartTech, BioTech.

Highlight: Superpropulsion of Droplets and Soft Elastic Solids

C. Raufaste, G. Ramos Chagas, T. Darmanin, C. Claudet, F. Guittard, F. Celestini, Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 108001 – Published 8 September 2017.

We investigate the behavior of droplets and soft elastic objects propelled with a catapult. Experiments show that the ejection velocity depends on both the projectile deformation and the catapult acceleration dynamics. With a subtle matching given by a peculiar value of the projectile/catapult frequency ratio, a 250% kinetic energy gain is obtained as compared to the propulsion of a rigid projectile with the same engine. This superpropulsion has strong potentialities: actuation of droplets, sorting of objects according to their elastic properties, and energy saving for propulsion engines. Link to Physical Review Letters

Superpropulsion of liquid drops

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