Book: Bioinspired Superhydrophobic Surfaces – Advances and Applications with Metallic and Inorganic Materials

Thierry Darmanin and Frédéric Guittard wrote a book entitled Bioinspired Superhydrophobic Surfaces – Advances and Applications with Metallic and Inorganic Materials.

Print ISBN: 9789814774055

eBook ISBN: 9781315229614

DOI: 10.4032/9781315229614


Materials with superhydrophobic or related properties are one of the most studied subjects from a theoretical point of view and also for the large range of their possible applications as, for example, anticorrosion agents, antibacterials, optical devices, and sensors. The study of natural species with special wettability has shown us the importance of surface structures and the surface energy of the resulting surface properties. Various strategies can be used to reproduce superhydrophobic phenomena in the laboratory. General reviews on superhydrophobic properties already exist but do not focus on metallic and inorganic materials. This book focuses especially on the strategies implemented for reaching superhydrophobic or related properties using metallic and inorganic materials. Indeed, these materials present unique properties, for example, thermal and mechanical resistance, chemical and ageing resistance, and optical (transparency, antireflection, photoluminescence) and electrical properties (conducting, semiconducting, insulating). The book will be useful for graduate students of materials chemistry and physics and for researchers in surface science, nanostructures, and bioinspired or biomimetic materials.