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Thesis Follow-up Committee

The decree of 07/08/2016 governing doctoral studies imposes the setting up of a Thesis Follow-up Committee (TFC) for each doctoral student enrolled since 1 September 2016. The TFC is a permanent advisory board for the duration of each thesis, which includes the doctoral student, his / her supervisor (s) and at least two researchers or lecturers outside the laboratory, at least one of whom is not at University of Côte d'Azur (UCA). The composition of the TFC is established in consultation between the thesis supervisor and the doctoral student. For obvious reasons of conflict of interest, the members of the TFC may be examiners of the jury of defence but not referees. The TFC meets annually for at least the first two years of the doctoral thesis.

For the first year, the meeting date can be between 6 and 10 months after the start of the thesis and then at the end of the following years. Videoconferencing is possible for remote members. The TFC is an opportunity for the PhD student to critically assess his activities. It is an opportunity to expose and discuss the work carried out, the projects for the following year (experiments, training, etc.) and to present any difficulties encountered: scientific, material, relational, etc. A special interview between the doctoral student and the external members of the committee in the absence of his supervisors, and a special interview between the supervisors and the external members of the committee in the absence of the doctoral student, are strongly recommended by the ED SVS.

A report with the advice of this committee is required for re-registration the following year. It must be sent to the SVS secretariat before 1 September.

The reasoned favourable opinion of the TFC is compulsory for a request for derogation of registration in the 4th year.

The document thesis follow-up committee report (Word) should assist in the smooth running of this committee: It is a two-page sheet that guides the committee in its report. This report must be signed by all members of the committee and by the doctoral student. It will be sent by the doctoral student to the secretariat of the ED, together with his application for re-registration.