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This page contains articles on simulation/gaming, and on related issues, particularly major problems facing the planet and humanity.  If you have an article that you would like to have posted on this S&G site, or if you know of articles on other sites that should be included here, please be in touch with the editor.

Simulation/gaming articles

Crookall, David 2010 Serious games, debriefing pdf Serious Games, Debriefing, and Simulation/Gaming as a Discipline
Crookall, David1998Internet simulationhtm Project IDEALS (in Russian)
Crookall, D., Oxford, R. & Saunders, D.1987 Basic conceptspdf
Towards a reconceptualization of simulation: From representation to reality
Dumblekar, Vinod2004Managementhtm Management simulations: Tests of effectiveness
Romme, A Georges L2002Economics, businesspdf Microworlds for management education and learning
Tompkins, P K1998ESL/EFL/FLLhtm Role playing / simulation

Articles on major issues of our time

New Scientist2008 The economypdf The folly of growth
Meadows2004 Natrual resourcespdf The limits to growth: The 30-year update (synopsis)
Institute of Noetic Sciences2008 Change  The 2008 Shift Report

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