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This page contains links to bibliographies on simulation/gaming.  If you have a bibliography that you would like to have posted here or if you know of any bibliography on the net, please be in touch with the editor.

All the bibliographies here have been "reprinted" here with permission.  Copyright is indicated for each bibliography.  You may need to obtain permission if you wish to use them in any extensive way (i.e., more than the normal academic use).  If you use any of these bibliographies as handouts for workshops, then you need to obtain permission.

Topic Title by
Sociology Simulation and gaming and the teaching of sociology: An annotated bibliography.  Sixth Edition. Richard L Dukes
ESL / EFL Selected Bibliography on Simulation and L2 Interaction Dept of German, UCI
ESL / EFL Integrating Technology Across the Curriculum: Internet/Computer Writing Resources for a Content-Based Curriculum Michael Krauss
krauss  lclark edu
Planning, etc. Jan Klabbers Publication List Jan Klabbers
General ++Simulation Textbooks and General References WJYURCI  ILSTU EDU
Business Publications by A J Faria A. J. Faria
ad9  uwindsor ca
Intercultural Intercultural communication and training resources ICI
ici  intercultural org