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Climate Change

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Climate change and simulation/gaming

Special issue of

Simulation & Gaming: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Theory, Practice and Research   |

Guest Editors

Klaus Eisenack, University of Oldenburg, Germany
Diana Reckien, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Germany

 This is a time when the scientific and academic communities must focus on an issue of utmost concern - climate change, and the ensuing plight of our planet and of humanity.

This symposium (special issue) of Simulation & Gaming: An Interdisciplinary Journal will explore the numerous pedagogical and investigative methods employed to examine climate change methods that cross disciplines, from the natural and geo sciences, through social sciences, to education.  Climate change is a quintessential issue requiring rigorous analysis and careful understanding by scientists, educators, policy makers and global citizens.

We are seeking submissions from multiple disciplines and perspectives, employing a variety of methods to understand and teach a broad variety of climate change dimensions process, causes, consequences and responses social, economic and geopolitical impacts, such as international migration, reconfiguration of states, poverty, trade wars, wars, etc.

We encourage articles related to climate change involving such methods as:

        games, role-plays, simulations, simulation/games, experiential learning exercises, case studies, etc.;

        internet-based games and simulations, digital games, serious games, etc.;

        modeling, game theory, computer simulation, etc.;

        virtual reality, augmented reality, virtual environments, etc.

Accepted articles will be published relatively fast electronically (and thus count as a published article) before the actual printed symposium appears in print.  Please send to each of the Guest Editors a one- to two-page outline proposal (.doc, not .docx) containing the following elements:

        Your name, e-mails, phone, address, etc.

        A working title, an abstract and a plan for the proposed paper.

        You may, if you wish, also send copies of any relevant already-published articles of yours. 

Get the CfP in pdf format here:  CfP_Climate-change_Simulation-gaming_f.pdf

Klaus Eisenack

Diana Reckien

klaus.eisenack |@|

reckien |@|


  •     Receipt of proposals during 2011.

  •     Response to proposals in a month.

  •     Writing & submission of ms.

  •     First review sent in about 2 or 3 months.

  •     Ms revision (maybe 2nd review), editing, proofing.

  •     Publication on line as articles are accepted.

  •     Articles are published on an ongoing basis.