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Blink and you really do 'miss it' - Post quiz

Each of the following sentences is missing one of the words from the article and the pre-quiz. Type in the missing word in the box below each sentnece.


1.An mp3 player is a ___________ for storing and playing music.


2. When neon atoms are excited by electrons, the atoms ___________ red light.


3. The concert was very long: it __________ more than three hours.


4. Suddenly, I was ________ of someone standing behind me.


5. After the drug was administered, there was a _____________ increase in the patient's heart rate, which soon returned to normal.


6. The doctors ____________ the patient's heart rate all night.


7. Installing anti-virus software on your computer can help ___________ it from being infected.


8. Scientists have recently ____________ a computer that will only cost $100. They will soon begin to produce it and distribute it to children around the world.


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