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Biology-Related Resources and Activities


Welcome to the biology section of our Scientific English Internet site! This section includes activities related to various areas of biology, based on texts, audio or video clips. You can also check out our links page to see other English-language biology resources available on the web.





Blink and you really do miss it ( Parts I-II). An article about what happens in your brain every time you blink.

Marathon Mouse (Part A). This genetically engineered mouse can run twice as far as other mice.

Marathon Mouse (Part B) . Marathon mice keep on running.

Marathon Mouse (Part C) . Encouraging results.



God's Precious Gift to Man. Read about the French Paradox and why wine is good for you.

Cancer Fighting Benefit From Nutrients In Vegetables (Parts I-III) . Read about the contribution of diet and nutrition to cancer risk.

Hairy Legs Help Bugs Walk on Water. Test your vocabulary and writing skills while reading about a strange little insect.

How to make a bacterial camera. An audio interview with Chris Voigt, a scientist at the University of California, San Francisco, from the BBC's The Naked Scientists podcast.

Southern blot protocol. Test your knowledge of laboratory vocabulary by completing this protocol for performing a Southern blot analysis.

Chocolate - More fun, less guilt! An article about the benefits of chocolate.

What is this thing about chocolate? A study about what happens when we eat chocolate.



Genetic Testing (Part I) . Insert sentences in this text about the implications of genetic testing for insurance coverage.

Genetic Testing (Part II). Test your vocabulary and answer some questions about Genetic testing and insurance coverage.

Retrotransposons. Read here about so-called 'junk' DNA.

Transient Transfecton of Polarized Epithelial Cells. Complete the vocabulary in this abstract about a new method for transfecting epithelial cells.

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