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Earth Science Resources and Activities

earth sci

Welcome to the earth science section of our Scientific English Internet site! This section includes activities related to various areas of earth science, based on texts, audio or video clips. We have also provided a collection of links to English-language earth science resources available on the web.




Drilling through the ice cap. Scientists have succeeded in drilling all the way through the Greenland ice cap.



Coastal carbon sinks are shrinking. This article describes the disappearance of mangrove forests, an important carbon sink present on many tropical coastllnes.

Lake Nyos (Parts I-IV). Read about the tragic events that took place one night in 1986 at this volcanic lake in Cameroon.

Interview with Lonnie Thomson. An exercise based on an interview with geologist Lonnie Thomson.

Fossil gives clue to big chill. In this exercise, complete a series of sentences about the geological history of the Drake Passage.



Incomplete words. This vocabulary building exercise is based on a text about the effects of climate change on animal populations.


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