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Technology-Related Resources and Activities


Welcome to the technology section of our Scientific English Internet site! This section includes activities related to various areas of technology, particularly computer science, based on texts, audio or video clips. We have also provided a collection of links to English-language technology-related resources available on the web.





Electronic Paper. Read here about a new kind of electronic paper invented by a company in the United States.



GPS Guides Supply Parachutes to Iraq Combat Zone. An article about how the U.S. Marines are using GPS techology to deliver supplies to soldiers on the ground.

Robot spy can survive battlefield damage (Part I) . Fill in the gaps in a short introductory text about a self-healing military reconnaissance robot.

Robot spy can survive battlefield damage (Part II). Read more on the extraordinary robot.

Camera infiltrates the animal world. An article about how technology infiltrates the private lives of animals for a BBC programme.

$100 laptop ( Parts I-III) . Read about a new, inexpensive computer designed to change the world.

Squirrel helps with mobile calls. How would you like to have your cell phone replaced by a squirrel?



New Glasses Require Piercing Bridge of Nose. Don't like having to take off and put on your glasses? Try this alternative.

Security at Your Fingertips (Part I). Read the begining of this article about a new security system for your computer.

Security at Your Fingertips (Part II). Find the missing words and learn more about this new security system.

Security at Your Fingertips (Part III) . Correct the mistakes in the last part of this text about safer computers.


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