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Chemistry and Physics-Related Resources and Activities


Welcome to the chemistry and physics section of our Scientific English Internet site! This section includes activities related to various areas of chemistry and physics, based on texts, audio or video clips. We have also provided a collection of links to English-language chemistry and physics resources available on the web.





Pop Music. Watch this video from the Exploratorium in San Francisco about the physics of music.



Isaac Newton (Part 1) . Learn new words.

Isaac Newton (Part 2). Read about the great mathematician and physicist.

Isaac Newton (Parts 3 and 4) . And now test your vocabulary.

Ig Nobel Chemistry Prize. Practice prepositions with this paragraph about a recent Ig Nobel Chemistry Prize.



Quantum dot device counts single electrons. An article about a remarkable new device that can count individual electrons.

Physics vocabulary. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of physics vocabulary in English.

Chemistry vocabulary (Parts I-II). Test your knowledge of basic chemistry vocabulary in English.f many basic c

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