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Some of our favorite English-language science and writing sites on the web.


Science Daily. A frequently updated site containing articles about research in all areas of science.

New Scientist. A leading weekly science news magazine, published in the UK.

Scientific American. A monthly science news magazine.

Nova. This site, from the Nova program produced by the Public Broadcasting System in the U.S., contains lots of information about various scientific topics.

The Nobel Prize. The official web site of the Nobel Prize describes the winners of the prize and their research. You can also find activities, games, and other resources about the science that has earned the prize, as well as interviews with some of the winners.

Live Science. Another site giving frequently updated news stories about research in different areas of science.

Cold Spring Harbor Oral History Collection. A fascinating site containing video interviews with many famous scientists.

The Dolan DNA Learning Center. This site, also from the Cold Spring Harbor, presents a huge variety of articles, animations, and activities relating to various aspects of molecular biology.

Science@NASA. This site, from NASA, gives news updates about Earth Science and Astronomy research.

Earth Science World. This site, from the American Geological Institute, provides news and other information about various aspects of Earth Science.


General English

Guide to Grammar & Writing. A very useful site about many aspects of English grammar.

BBC Learning English. This site from the BBC contains many useful articles and activities.

Activities for ESL students. This site from the Internet TESL journal contains many activities to help you practice English grammar and vocabulary.

AWL exercises homepage. This site tells you all about the Academic Word List (a list of the most commonly used words in Academic English) and provides numerous activities to help you study it.

GrammarCheck is a free online resource that checks grammar usage and spelling in any entered text.


Dictionaries This site offers a dictionary, thesaurus, and other English language reference tools.

Merriam-Webster Online. This site provides a high-quality dictionary and thesaurus.

Ultralingua. Ultralingua provides dictionary definitions and translations.

The Free Dictionary. This site provides a number of English language reference tools, including specialized computing, legal, medical, and financial dictionaries.

Online Dictionary. Another useful online dictionary.

One Look. Look up a word on this site and it will check almost 1000 different dictionaries for you.



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