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 Cover sheet 

Below is the way your cover sheet should look.  It has been done in courier font to distinguish it from the text of this Guide, but you can use any easily readable font (12 point, Times Roman or Arial is recommended).

  • For drafts, place the cover sheet in the body of the e-mail for v1 only of your ms.  No need to send with subsequent drafts of your ms.

  • For final version, place the cover sheet at the head of your ms Word document, after the reviewer comments and your responses, attached to your email.  Use Word 2003 or earlier.

  • Always indicate the ms ID at the top, in large (16 or 18pt and in bold).

egames-05  [=symposium-article#  -  for symposia only]  or


Final version sent 5 July 95
3,300 words + 3 pp of figs

Ning et al.
Perceptions of apparent cognitive participation patterns in simulation: This title is already getting a little too long

Lea R. Ning

Alternate e-mail:

Affiliation:  University of Learning

Address: Dept of Simulation/Gaming, University of Learning, 999 Participation Drive, Play, SG 10001, UK   [[Keep address in one line, no return or line break]]

Tel: +44 (0)101-202-3456 (w), +44 (0)101-707-8901 (h)
Fax: +44 (0)101-202-7890

Second Author



Third Author


+++++++++++++++  [not a section break, just a line with + signs]

your ms (final version) starts here - see example ms

Title  (repeated!)
Intro paras


Put this information in the way it is presented above.  Include all above items, including word length, date, home phone, e-mail, etc.

For v1 of your ms, put this in the body of the email to which your ms is attached.  No need to send subsequently.

For your final ms, the cover sheet is placed at the start of a single Word document containing the final ms.