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eGames & Adaptive eLearning

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Call for Papers
Symposium issue of S&G on

eGames and adaptive eLearning: A practical approach

eGames and personalized eLearning processes

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This publication stresses the practical approach and experiences in the development and use of educational electronic games and simulations, as well as in the re-purpose of generic ones, in adaptive eLearning and bLearning processes.  Keen and special interest has developed in recent years in actual executable games, hands-on sessions, research experiments, case studies, actual integration with eLearning standards (i.e., IMS Learning Design, SCORM…) and systems (i.e., Moodle, Blackboard…) and practical experiences with real users.  Of course, any practical experience must be supported by a strong theoretical background. The full rationale and more background information can be found here.

Main topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

o practical experiences in classroom
o running prototypes and practical demos
o hands-on applications
o eGames and eLearning standards and systems
o eGames used in eLearning processes
o eGames and the blended learning approach
o adaptive elearning processes while using eGames
o personalized learning and customisation of eGames
o personal learning paths and the influence of eGames
o eGames and collaborative learning
o eGames as Learning Objects
o personal competence development
o re-purposing existing eGames for learning objectives
o methodology to create eGames
o commercial eGames used in learning environments
o students as eGames developers
o teaching with eGames
o synergies between the educational and gaming industries

For more information: AND with the Subject: “EGAEL2007: S&G Special Issue”.Call for Papers.