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State of art

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State of the art & science

Guest Editor: Jan Klabbers


Simulation & Gaming: An International Journal of Theory, Practice, and Research


Simulation and gaming:

State of the art after 40 years of experience

I am am preparing a special issue of the Journal of Simulation & Gaming on the state of the art and science of simulation and gaming. Its main purpose is to examine simulation/gaming as a methodology, as a tool, as an area of scientific inquiry, and as a profession at the turn of the century, reflecting on fourty years of experience.

To achieve this, authors are invited to contribute their ideas and views, on such questions and issues as "What are the main accomplishments in the field of Simulation & Gaming (theory, design, modeling, empirical research, practice, etc.)?; "What are the major lessons learned?";"What is the outlook for the next decade?"

Selected areas of inquiry are

Management & Business (incl economics); Language & Communication; Urban Systems; International Relations; Training & Development; Environmental Systems.

 If you wish to contribute, please send a one- to two-page outline containing the following items

  • A working title;
  • An abstract, with a set of objectives for the proposed article;
  • A working plan for 1998;
  • Your name, address, phone, fax, e-mail.
  • (One or two offprints of previous relevant papers.)

 Send outline to

Jan H.G. Klabbers
Oostervelden 59
6681 WR Bemmel, The Netherlands
Telephone +31 481 462455
Fax +31 481 461828