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Each of the sections below is important in preparing your manuscript, either for submission to reviewers or for final article to be published.  It is important to consult all sections.

Some people omit to follow the advice given in the good writing section, in the belief that this is not important.  On the contrary, this is one of the most important aspects of articles accepted for publication in S&G.  The better written your article, the more likely it is to be accepted.



Introductory page for this Author Guide.



Scope of S&G

Scope of S&G, type of readership, subject areas covered.

Types of articles

Types of articles: Research, conceptual, reports, etc.


It is importance to refer to the literature and to debriefing in your article.  This section includes a reference to a guide to the literature.

Reviews of s/g

A guide especially for authors of reviews of simulations and games.

Ready-to-use s/g

A guide especially for authors of ready-to-use simulation/games.  Each issue of the journal carries at least one ready-to-use game.


Obtaining a ms ID.  Essential to submit an article.

The process of writing your article and steps for getting it into print.

Good writing

How to make your article readable and thus encourage it to be read.

Review process

The procedure followed for ms review.

Evaluation criteria

Criteria used by reviewers in evaluating manuscripts.


How to send your manuscript by e-mail.


Request for permission to reprint.  Material from other, already-published sources generally needs permission to reproduce.


All authors must sign this author or copyright transfer agreement in order to be published.

Check list

Detailed list if things to remember and items to send.  You must send a copy of this with your ms.

Things to include in your ms to get it into shape.

Good writing

How to make your article readable and thus encourage it to be read.

Cover sheet & ms

What the cover sheet and your ms should look like.

Layout & mechanics

Details about such things as language, length, paragraphs, headings, punctuation, underlining, notes, figures and tables.


How to do citations in the text and references at the end of your article.


How to prepare visuals (art work, diagrams, photos, drawings, ...).
Guest ed

Guest editorship

How to submit a proposal to guest edit a symposium issue of the journal.


Details of current special issues, to which you might like to contribute.


Where to send your ms.